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Excited to travel with my husband to California to visit my sister in law and her family. Alarm goes off at 5:00am, I wake my youngest son for school, grab a coffee, take the dog out and read a few devotions, we are making great time for our 9:00am flight to LA California. Packed and traveling to the airport we get a text on our phones, "your flight is delayed one hour." Really? My first thought, shoot.. I always pick the first flight so this doesn't happen, oh well no need to rush, we will definitely be there on time.

Air travel these days takes a lot of patience and understanding, everything is self serve from checking in on the computer kiosk to securing your luggage tag dropping off the luggage at a separate desk. Ample time we have, breakfast stop and coffee stop on our way to the gate.

While sitting waiting at our gate I had a woman ask me, please will you watch my carry on luggage and please save my seat while I get a coffee."

"Sure, no problem," I responded. Well, my husband did not want to be responsible for a luggage that wasn't ours nor the seat, "your breaking the rules," he stated.

The terminal was crowded and the lady left us or should I say, me in control. Happy I was saving her seat but I could of made money off her seat with the amount of people wanting her seat!

Thankfully she returned after 15 minutes or so. My husband got up to walk around for a bit and Soon after the woman's return another woman sat next to me and saw my coffee and asked the same of me, "please save my seat" which I did but this time the seat saving didn't go so well. Soon after the second woman had me save her seat a man came over to me and said, "is this seat available?" No".....I stated, "I'm sorry it's being .... "

I didn't get to finish my sentence when this stranger bent down and looked at me in the face and said, "I don't fxxxxx care, fxxx you, I am traveling with my 82 year old mother and I am having a bad day," as he turned to look at his mother and in a nice voice told her to sit down.

Well, I was in shock, so was everyone around me!! I was so happy before he came to our terminal! 

I don't remember exactly what I said except for, "that was not very nice what you just said to me!" The rude man did not care and left his mother sitting next to me while he left to get her water!

The surrounding people sitting close to me heard the man and spoke up but the angry man didn't care. Instantly I thought of Jesus, I was in shock then quickly the enemy set in my mind! My mind was on over load of thoughts, good vs bad!!

I wanted to blast this man but better yet I'm going to tell his 82 year old mother on him, and I Did!

As I was telling this woman how rude her son was, the woman repeated what I had said to her, "What?" she said, "my son was rude to you?"

Her sweet grandma face looked at me with confusion and

I responded...

"I'm so happy to sit next to you and I'm glad your sitting next to me," the old sweet woman smiled!

Oh my gosh, my heart sank the people around me were talking about what just happened and I was knowing in my heart the enemy wanted to start with me!! 

I didn't know how to handle this situation, so i began to talk to God in my mind. God to fix this and what do I Do?

The man returned to his mother and learned he was at the wrong gate, he clearly was frustrated. Still while waiting to board, I struck a conversation with the sweet woman and enjoyed her company while her son ( the angry man ) listening and began engaging in our conversation. My husband returned to his seat not knowing what just transpired, all was calm and happy.

We were called to board the plane, I turned and wished the woman a good flight and I sincerely said to the man, "I hope your day gets better and have a safe flight." He smiled at me and thanked me.

The anger this man wanted to dump on me and he did was from the enemy and I recognized it immediately but I new in my heart

I needed to fight back but how?

With the help from Jesus and thoughts on how he would handle this problem that abruptly arose,

God made a way!

Only with God can a situation so negative become so peaceful.

We all deal with people and situations daily, it's how we respond to the negative hurtful words or feelings we get thrown on us. 

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