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Only God can give you the strength to do the things He asks! All the Glory to God! 

Here we go........ 30 days of God given gifts! 

December 7th I received a phone call from Christ Fellowship Missions Team asking if I would like to travel with the team to Thailand, I laughed.  December 8th I received another call from missions and I accepted! Only God can give you the strength and trust to know it’s the right decision. 

Signed the papers and sent over my passport on the 9th and created my missions fundraiser page, whew .. was in shock at that moment, kinda kept it a secret till I told my husband Dennis although he already gave me his blessings to go. ;) 

I couldn’t wait to send my Mission page to my family and friends.. I was excited!!!! 

Jump ahead ... 30 days 

God touched each heart that donated to send me to Thailand!! Unbelievable ♥️

God is so great !! 

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