THAILAND ~ 1st Day ~ Night Life ~ January 13th

January 13, 2018

Had a delicious SpicyThai Dinner! 

Beef with sticky rice in a peanut spicy sauce! Yum!! 


While in the restaurant having dinner, We witnessed four young Saudi Arabian girls that came into the restaurant\bakery waiting on one man to come through to pick them up or should I say buy them. Well he showed up along with his friend.

Such an awkward feeling to watch these girls be bought for sex as well as watching the Thai people working at the hotel knowing exactly what’s going on. 😳


We went into the streets of Bangkok.. not a nice place.. so broken! 

The amount of older white men touching and feeling these girls was shocking! Sitting along bars looking in trying to pick their date for the night.. 

As we walked deeper into the parts of the streets and into the clubs, seeing young girls on stage was such a sad place to be! You can see in their faces they don’t want to be there!! 

So much more to share but... 


I will finish tomorrow..... I Have to sleep 😴..I desperately need sleep! 


Another day of darkness comes tomorrow, more to see. Going to the Budah Temple in the morning to learn more of their culture and why this culture believes in this life.


Darkness surrounds this city - Prayers are  much needed to break this chain of slavery 😞











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