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THAILAND ~1st Day!

Saturday January 13, 2018 we landed in Bankock Thailand! Immediately we had to go through customs to pick up our luggage, just another line to wait in with our carryon bags but it went quick probably 30 or so minutes. Our Traveling Sister Renee’ was slightly denied entry into Thailand due a misunderstanding on her passport which she straightened out quickly! God’s Got This! 😇

Donna from World Help met us all at the airport and quickly escorted us to our mini van that would be taking us to our hotel. Such a wonderful feeling to know you have someone waiting for you across the world! Our driver was nice, he knew very little English but lots of smiles!! 

Our drive across the city to our hotel was eye opening! Tall beautiful buildings with brokenness in between.. I can’t explain I’ll just attach a picture. 

Off to the city! 😇

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