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THAILAND ~ 1st Day Continued ...

The Marriott in Bankock Thailand is so beautiful and I’m so thankful we are staying here after what we experienced this afternoon! 

We got to the hotel around 9:45am  just in time for the buffet breakfast which had everything you could ever imagine, from dragon fruit to omelets to amazing seafood soups, jasmine rice with spring rolls, the buffet had Everything you could ever want! 😍

After breakfast a few more ladies joined us, actually ladies that live here in Thailand that go into the trenches of Human Trafficking to help give Hope, Love, Jesus and Education. Education is the ticket out of Human Trafficking here in Thailand but the girls do not have the education needed so since the culture states the girl children are expected to support their family, it’s no wonder these girls are working as sex slaves. 

Bonita and Ann are ladies we met today that live in Bangkok, Thailand that took us to a neighborhood which they call the “slums.” 

The slums have approximately 2,200.00 people which are the children, grandparents brothers / family who live within this community. Extremely poor living conditions. 

There is an educational school within this slum that teaches the children how to read, write as well as learn to speak and understand English and most of all the Love of Jesus Christ. 

After seeing and experienceing the slum’s it’s hard for me to wrap my head around this horrific lifestyle but it’s true. 

After visiting the School. We went into the Slums giving the grandparents who care for their grandkids food and supplies to help with the family while the mothers of these young kids are out working / dancing and selling their bodies for sex. 

It was a full day of prayer and serving others as we walked through their world. 

Off to dinner then street walking along the bars. To experience the mothers at work. 

We saw where they live now off to their work. 

Only God can rescue these people but the Buddhist religion is deep and thick!! 

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