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THAILAND TRAVEL 11th ~ 13th ~

Here we go .... Thursday January 11, 2018 Flight 214 Depart Fort Lauderdale at 8:20pm and arrive in Dubai at 7:35pm ~ Fort Lauderdale International Airport to Dubai our first stop. Fort Lauderdale Airport was so busy, we arrived at 6pm to stand in line for one hour to check our luggage.... we’re hungry! After checking our luggage we jumped in line at Steak N Shake to wait for our food... hurried and ate before we boarded “Emirates Airline” at 8pm. As we entered the plane we were greeted by beautiful flight attendants with red hats, red lips and white scarves across the one side of there faces. So proper and well dressed. Beautiful actually! Very impressive airline as we entered the plane the seats were incredibly spacious and they could lay back in the supine position, I was so excited as I thought, “this is going to be a breeze!!” As we kept walking back towards the back of the plane our seats changed.. were in coach class .. 😳 ok .. no problem, three seats on either side of the plane and four in the middle, not bad but incredibly small space. So, if you’ve ever traveled on Spirit airlines you would understand how small the space we had for our 14 hour flight to Dubai! Thank God for the TV! Dinner was good, Fish with veggies as well as the breakfast eggs! We met great people on the plane continuing on to other parts of the world. One particular family that one of our Traveling Sisters - Renee’ met was a man and his wife with six children who are Americans that minister and live in Zambia 🇿🇲, AMAZING CALLING from GOD! 😇 I have no clue where Zambia 🇿🇲 even is on the map! 🙃 I Slept through the night as we flew into Dubai with a sore body but incredibly thankful for a safe flight after 14 hours. God is Good! 😇 One flight down ... one more to go! 🤪 Arrived in Dubai: Friday January 12th at 7:30pm ~ Dubai airport was big, beautiful, and clean. It was so quiet as it had prayer rooms every where for the Muslim to pray. Everyone was very respectful and pleasant. I Brushed my teeth changed my clothes grabbed a coffee at Starbucks for the next flight. ~ Three hours later we are boarding our next flight to Thailand. As we approached the plane we were instructed to either go upstairs or continue on the same level to our double decker air plane so incredible to think how this building can fly! ✈️ Once again we were greeted by beautiful, friendly flight attendants but this time as we came to our seats they were spacious and roomy. All of us are so relieved and happy for a few more inches of space! Off to Thailand on flight 374 ~ Departing from Dubai Friday at 10:35pm and arriving in Thailand on Saturday January 13th at 7:30am ~ 7:30pm eastern standard time with a full day ahead .. now off to sleep 😴 Couldn’t sleep on the way to Thailand my body clock is in the afternoon eastern time.. Dinner was good, grilled chicken with potatoes, perfect portions. One of our Traveling Sister; Monica’s Birthday is currently why we are flying so one of our Krysten our leaders organized a birthday song with the crew! Surprise!! Monica our birthday sister was sung to by the flight staff. It was a great moment for sure! Shortly after our birthday celebration around 2:20am Dubai time the flight crew huddled around the restroom assisting a passenger, quickly they called for a doctor in the house. The passenger is stable with three medical doctors as well as the staff assisting her. Praise Jesus for her stability! 😇 One hour and a half to go till we get to Thailand, going to try and sleep again! 😴 Once again, I couldn’t sleep along with the rest of the traveling sisters, instead we watched the sun rise! ☀️

LANDED 7:30am  January 13, 2018 in Thailand! 😁

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