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THAILAND ~ 2nd Day ~ 2nd half January 14th

Bonita and Ann came and spoke with us in the morning to give us more insight about the Thai Culture as well as the Buddhist religion which is the main religion practiced here in Thailand 91% of the population to be exact followed by 8% Muslims and 1% Christians. By the way, Bonita is an American who has been here in Thailand since 2004 and has opened the home of “NEW BEGINNINGS” where the rescued victims come and learn education and leans about Jesus. Ann is the house mother who stay with the girls where the rescued victims live and a true native to Thailand. The culture is very deep rooted here in Thailand and so is the social economic situation. If you are poor in the economic ladder, it will be a struggle to climb out of that dark hole because the government is against you in so many ways. One important thing I learned today about the culture was the importance of the boys in the family, as well as the girls. Boys can become spiritual leaders in the Buddha religion which will give merit to the family so in their next lives they will be blessed in some way. Girls are not aloud to become spiritual leaders or even work in the temples, girls have a responsibility to the family to bring financial security, in other words, support the family by working and keeping the money coming into the house hold but if your poor you don’t have an education and you will be working in the bars selling sex. Families depend on the girls so if you are a boy born into a family of boys, the family will have the monk pray a spirit of a girl into your baby or a small boy and raise that boy as a girl. Once that boy is old enough, the boy will have a complete sex change and be known as a lady boy and sell sex for his family. Crazy culture 😳 Deep rooted in their Culture and Buddha is their God! Visited the market and was able to shop and haggle for bargains .. fun and great afternoon! Returned to the hotel to freshen up to go to the home of the rescued girls. The girls cooked dinner for us, we played games and had such a great evening with them.. it was hard to believe that once they were a product of Sex Trafficking . Came home and now going to sleep 😴 Checking out of our hotel tomorrow going to another part of Thailand to see more Trafficking This is the real deal! Horrific! 😞

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