THAILAND ~ 2nd Day ~ January 14th

Good Morning ☀️ 

I slept for 8 hours! Much needed sleep! 

As I reflect back on our day yesterday, so much poverty we experienced located in so much wealth as well. 

The embedded culture is deeply rooted and the Thai people are so devoted to their families which is a beautiful thing but also very broken. 

In the family the girls are a token of wealth. They are thought to support their families by leaving their homes to work and bring the money home which starts this process of Sex Trafficking.. 

Learning the culture and praying for understanding. 😇

Great Devotion I had this Morning which God has giving me ! So Thankful!! 

“The Way to Be Blessed” Justice is a word that means something different in the Bible than what it means in modern life. Most people think of justice as a matter of punishing those who disobey the law, or providing appropriate compensation for those who have lost money or property through someone else’s fault. Justice has to do with law and the courtroom, with politics and government, with money and contracts. In the Bible, justice also has to do with the law, but God’s law is a very different thing from a modern statute book. Much of God’s law has to do with worshiping God—doing it correctly and joyfully and with due reverence for God. As we’ve noted in the last few days, the Bible’s law has to do with care for the poor. It’s about generosity. It commands us to love our neighbor. The law is a reflection of the character of God, and it tells us how he wants us to live. That’s a life of abundance. That’s a life of blessing. That’s a life of grace. According to this psalm, the person whom God blesses is delighted by God’s law—his way of justice—and thinks about it day and night. Such a person has the means to live well in season and out of season, to yield a good crop at the right time, to be unaffected by drought because he has roots sunk deep in God’s aquifer. God’s justice is a deeply spiritual matter. It’s not just about politics and reform. It’s not just about exposing crimes and putting an end to corruption. It begins with a deep drink of God’s character, such that his nature seeps into everything we do. Prayer: Lord, sink my roots deep in your aquifer, so that I will find your law delightful and that my life will bear fruit for many other people. 😇 

Off to breakfast! ♥️ 7:48am