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THAILAND ~ 3rd Day ~January 15, 2018~

We Checked out our hotel in Bangkok, Thailand this morning and traveled two hours south to Pattaya, Thailand. We traveled to Pattaya to visit the rescue home “New Beginnings” for the rescued traffic girls here in Pattaya, as well as see the Trafficking industry first hand. Pattaya is the birth spot for the Sex Trafficking industry because of the Vietnam War. Soldiers would come here during their off duty to have sex with the locals. In the early days of Pattaya, this beach town was only a fishing town now its known for it’s Sex Trafficking Tourist Spot!  In this southern beach town of Thailand you can purchase any nationality type girl for sex. These girls are trafficked from all over the world and brought here to be sold. On a slow season there are 30 thousand girls and boys being sex trafficked in this beach town and in season there are 50 thousand girls and boys. Of corse more girls than boys. While at the The New Beginnings Home we met the girls who have been rescued from the Trafficking Industry, these girls are older and have young children that their parents are caring for. While the girls are in the home they will learn a trade such as, sewing, cooking and baking as well as obtain a GED to work in society. We heard a story from a lady who has been rescue for over 10 years and has found Jesus that currently works in the New Beginnings Home. The people here in Thailand believe in a false god / Buddha that does not hear their prayers. The Thai people when they hear of Jesus will challenge Our God to ask God for something and God accepts the challenge and answers their prayers which is unbelievable in their eyes and this is when their belief in God begins! 😇 We just pulled into our resort. The resort is unbelievably beautiful, beyond beautiful and extremely wealthy! This beach town is confusing with the incredible beauty but 30 to 50 thousand Sex Trafficking girls/boys on one given night? Going to dinner at 7pm then walking the streets tonight to see the action.. 😞chat more later!

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