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THAILAND ~ Day in Pattaya ~ January 16th

Today was a great day! 🐘~ A21

Grabbed a bite at breakfast and off to A21! ♥️

It was so exciting for me to see one of the many headquarters of A21. 

A21 was the organization which held the Global Walk for Freedom walk that I hosted in October. 

A21 showed us around their office and explained how the United States has a big influence on the Thai government to take action for Sex Trafficking as well as child pornography. PRAISE GOD to hear this incredible news!! We prayed over the A21 team and thanked them tremendously! 

It was great to be apart of A21 this morning and to know the light of Jesus is shining through. It will take time to truly clean up the areas of Thailand but God is making away with A21 and the beautiful ladies, Ann and Bonita who have the “New Beginnings” homes for the rescued victims. 

We were able to have a fun clear our head day after meeting with A21! We went and rode the elephants 🐘 

Great Afternoon and now we are back in Bangkok.. heading out for dinner! 


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