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It’s 5am in Thailand Tuesday January 16th and I’m awake, not so sure why but I’m going to take this opportunity to write in my blog to explain the purpose of our travels to a Thailand. Our mission trip Purpose was to come here and experience the sex industry in two areas of Thailand and to learn the culture of this side of the world. We also traveled here to be apart of World Help who is a big sponsor for The New Beginnings Rescue Home as well as to meet with A21 the organization we did the walk for in October. Our church Christ Fellowship is also a sponsor for these rescue homes as well. Christ Fellowship / we have brought here to the New Beginnings home, sewing supplies for the girls to learn a trade. This mission trip Christ Fellowship has purchased sewing machines for the homes as well. The homes have true purpose to rescue, teach education, teach them about Jesus and teach a trade especially in Pattaya. Thailand has an extremely high rate of Sex Trafficking due to the economic situation. There are two class of people.. poor and wealthy. If you are born into a wealthy family you are fortunate because you will have an education and with education you can go to college and have a normal life. The wealthy look down on the poor and the government turns their head to the poor. Poor live in extremely extremely bad conditions. Compared to the USA if you were poor you would be homeless living in a tent. The poor Thai people have no hope or no future this is why they are forced to sell sex and the Western world (USA) buys it! The amount of American men her is unbelievable here and you know why! We have traveled to the bars to better understand their situation as well as show our America faces to the girls in Bangkok because it brings Hope to the girls. We were told some of these girls might of prayed for a sign from God and we could be an answer to their prayer, just to see our presents. Visiting the rescued girls in Bangkok has brought true revelation to know and see Jesus restoring their lives. Two days ago we spent the evening with the rescued girls and when I say girls their ages range from 25 to 14 years old. They cooked for us, we prayed with them, we played games with them .. we laughed and had so much fun together! The girls make clothing and other crafts so we even purchased some of their sewing crafts, they were so thankful and excited to know they are worthy of other Talents not just sex. They were so thankful we spent time with them and as I was watching these girls, laugh and be girls again I could never imagine that just a year ago or less they were taking their clothes off dancing and having sex because they had to! 😞 Jesus is truly present in their lives and they know it and share it with others as well. 😇 Pattaya which is two hours south of the city Bangkok is a completely different situation since this Sex Trafficking here has been a way of live since the war. Some or I should say a lot of the veterans never left Pattaya so as a result you see tremendous older men here in these bars. By the way .. all of the bars are filled with men.. young and old! 1,200.00 bars in the beach town of Pattaya and which all the bars sell sex as well as drinks. These bars are filled with half dressed Girls ready to sell themselves for money. We visited to the rescued home in Pattaya yesterday and spent time with the rescued ladies learning about their lives /stories. These ladies are older than the rescued girls of Bangkok because they were born into this culture and they don’t know any other work because they are uneducated or do not have a trade. Remember also this area is run by the Russian Mafia so to flee from this life style is much harder. We prayed with these ladies and shared stories and gave them Hope! We applauded their bravery to get out of this broken life style, it was very scary for them to leave this working environment even though they hated Way they did. Once again we have witness the Love of Jesus in these ladies. They are learning and finding Jesus and becoming believers. This is harder for these older woman because Buddha has been so engraved in their Lives and Mind due to the culture. Wednesday we are spending our last day with the elementary children in Bangkok. These children come from a poor economic life but are given Hope! We will be interacting with these children while they are at school. These children are learning about Jesus, English and learning to read and write. I can’t wait for Wednesday to play with the children and talk with them about Jesus. This trip has been incredibly enlightening because I have learned so much about how other parts of the world live and how they are so lost without the knowledge of Jesus. Prayers are needed for these two woman here in Bangkok making a difference to one person at a time shinning the light of Jesus Christ! Bonita and Ann the owners of New Beginnings Home in Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand. Incredible Women of God dedicating their lives to God as well as for these young girls and women. 😇 ONLY GOD can bring hope and restoration to this region and it’s happening ♥️

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