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THAILAND TRAVELS ~Reflect back on my trip~

Good Morning ☀️ I’m home from Thailand and so thankful to be home and........ I’m so thankful I was able to visit and learn the culture and religion of Thailand 🇹🇭. It was amazing to me how the respect of their god was honored everywhere you go. Our flight landed in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday morning around 10:45am, boy I was so excited to land and finish our 26 hour travel home from Thailand. With intermittent sleep and a sore body we were told, “do not go home and go to sleep, hold out till it’s bed time so you can get back on your sleep pattern” so I listened. I did not sleep until 9pm, it was rough but I slept through the night until 5:30am, perfect nights sleep! 😊 I’ve been home now a few days much needed days to get back into my life and reflect back on my fast and furious travels. It’s hard to believe how much we did in such a short amount of time while in Thailand. Our schedule was completely full starting at 8:30am with devotion time together and discussion time allowing us to reflect back on our previous day and night of what we saw and how we felt. After Devotions we were out the door to our next scheduled meeting, then later home to sleep by 10 or 11pm depending on the day and night. How do I explain and where do I begin on the things I experienced in Thailand, it’s a tough and exciting question but I can say, I saw our living God in the hearts of the rescued girls in Bangkok and Pattaya and If that’s all I experienced there I would be satisfied! To break through their belief, their culture, to break through a group of people who have practiced this lifestyle for generations shows the true love of Jesus is alive and moving. He has not forgotten these people who have a divine purpose. Shortly after checking into our hotel in Bangkok we were introduced to two women, Ann and Bonita, the women God is using to change Thailand’s culture one girl at a time. These two women are completely opposite but completely bonded together through Jesus Christ. Bonita is an American Christian who has lived in Bangkok for 20+ years and Ann was born in Thailand to the culture of Thailand and the religion of Buddhist who found Jesus Christ in her late 20’s. Watching these women obey the call of God is amazing because their obedience is bringing non -believers to Christ. Ann and Bonita along with their team frequent the local bars quite often to build trust and relationships with the traffic girls who are owned by the bars. This team of women enter the bars to bring hope and allow the girls to know they have a chance of a better life. Each year Ann and Bonita have a Christmas party in Bangkok and Pattaya, they invite the girls who work at the bars to attend the party. The only way the girls can come to the party is if Ann and Bonita purchase the girls out of the bar. Remember these girls are owned by the bars so the typical cost to buy the girl out of the bar is 60.00 American dollars. Once the girl is bought out they can attend the party for the evening. The girls are served dinner, play games, hear about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and offered a Bible with more information. The Christmas party has become a big event and the girls look forward to this party. 

Ann and Bonita’s Christmas party is the biggest time of year when traffic victims see and hear the light of Christ and know there is a way out of this lifestyle. When I reflect back on my trip to Thailand I can see the greatest hearts of two women Ann and Bonita along with their team who are spreading the love of Jesus in their city and each are given tremendous amount of respect from their society. Yes, the amount of Human Trafficking that occurs in Thailand is astronomical and the cultural generation is deep rooted with it but God can change it all with the help of His people who are willing to step up and speak out about the love of Jesus Christ, not just in Thailand but throughout our world, I have seen it first hand, people are amazed by what Jesus can do, forgive and love! I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to visit Thailand, a beautiful country full of beautiful, sweet people who are in desperate need of education and hope for their future. Their hospitality towards us visiting them while in not so inviting situations such as, the Slums of their living conditions to the bars and their working conditions, the people welcomed us with opened arms even though they knew we were from God. I know that sounds funny but here in our country many times Christians are shunned in a world of non believers. When I sit back and think about how the Thai people wanted us there, wanted to communicate tells me they are searching for something greater, hope and love. I hope to return to Thailand one day, maybe during their great Christmas party to share the salvation of Jesus Christ which will give them hope for their future. I enjoyed blogging my thoughts even though at times it was tough about my mission trip to Thailand 🇹🇭 and thank you for your sofened heart while following my 

story. God Bless You! ♥️

LeighAnne 😇

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